Hi there!

So I guess this is where I introduce myself. I’m Misty and I’m fat.  I used to shudder at that word but at this point in my life I realize its just a self description. I’m also funny, loud and slightly obnoxious. I’m 28 and am happily married to a wonderful man who loves me despite and possibly because of all my flaws. My friends describe me as loyal, crazy and sometimes inappropriate. Maybe now is a good time to mention that this blog will contain lots and lots of swear words and also progress pictures. Basically, I say ‘Fuck’ a lot.

I have always been a chubster, as long as I can remember. But I was raised to be fierce and strong and crush anyone who dared tease me or put me down. I’m fat and curvy and extremely vivacious. I’m proud of the woman I am today, but there’s just this one problem…I get out of breath climbing the stairs, or crawling into bed. Simple tasks that should be, well, simple. For me, they’re not.

I have been on EVERY single diet known to man, a yo-yo dieter if you will. My last try with dieting I lost over forty pounds and felt amazing. That wasn’t enough though. You see I weigh 300 something pounds, so while forty pounds gone is an improvement, its still not enough. But I realized something….I was only dieting to become skinny. I was just chipping away at the surface issues and I wasn’t fixing myself on the inside. I didn’t focus on WHY I overeat, or WHY I eat when I’m sad, mad, bored, etc. Hence why I gained all that weight back.

So now, I’m on the journey of finding my triggers and figuring out what makes me tick. My goals this time around are simple:

I want to be able to perform simple everyday tasks without feeling like I’m dying.

I want to know why I have the need to eat every time I experience an emotion, and cease that behavior.

I want to be fit enough to not have to worry about whether I can fit on a ride or if my hips are going to bowl someone over.

And most importantly I want to be healthy enough to conceive a child.

So, here I am giving my life story away on the internet for the whole world to see. So enjoy the hilarity that is the life of a plus size girl attempting to find her inner skinny bitch.