Work In Progress

Everything is a work in progress, am I right? Yeah. It just sucks when you stick to a diet hardcore for three weeks and see no change. Literally, less than one pound weight loss and no inches lost either. I have a little more energy and Im a little less hangry; so thats a plus.

So in celebration of completing three weeks of dedicated healthy eating, the hubby took me out for Chinese food. Also because I was craving salty, oily, MSG goodness. That was our cheat meal. Weve been sticking to plan ever since but all Im craving is chocolate and sugar. And I have a bag of candy hidden away in the closet. I mean, I totally could get down on some and no one would ever know. Because if no one sees me eat bad food, then those calories dont count, thats how it works, right? No? Well fuck you too.

Annnyyywaayy… Guess who passed their exam? Me! Woohoo! I have my orientation for my externship through my school later on this week. I have to do 160-230 hours of on the job training in order to qualify for one year of “real” experience, even though most jobs require at least two years to be considered qualified. So basically, I need experience to get a job, but no job wants to hire someone with little to no experience? Im not sure how that works, but thats how it was explained to me. Apparently, thats life. So Im hoping I find a good place that likes me and that I can work with after my externship is over.

Thats all I have really, not much to write home about. So Im kinda just twiddling my thumbs until I can get started. Im perfecting my work at being a domestic engineer, and working on myself.




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