Facing My Obsession

And by obsession, Im not talking about Supernatural. My other obsession.

Alright, so its time to go home. Im excited. Also nervous. But mainly excited.

Im going back to Texas for a little vacay before starting my externship. My family from Germany is coming to the States and my Grandma is forcing my ass down there because its most likely going to be their last trip to America.

Its been hectic trying to plan this trip. Its so last minute and Im not a very ‘last minute’ type of person. I have to have a plan, and my plans have to have plans. I have to plan to be spontaneous. So to book a trip just ten days beforehand was stressful, but now that its sunk in that Im going home, Ive calmed down a bit. Just a bit. Only because I have plane anxiety. If theres the slightest bump of turbulence my immediate thought is “Oh my god, this is how I die.” and a panic attack sets in. Thankfully I have a Xanax on standby for just the occasion.

Other than that Im going to be forced to face my biggest demon: Tacos. Oh yes, how I love me some tacos. Ive been going to this one place by my old middle school since…well since middle school. The best flour tortillas youve ever had. I can literally eat four tacos in one sitting, and let me tell you – they aint small. I mean, everythings bigger in Texas right?

My food addiction started in that restaurant. My Dad would bribe me with my favorite tacos so I would go to church with him. I knew that if I didnt go to church, I wouldnt get those delicious tacos, not to mention Sunday was the only day they served Barbacoa (can I get an amen?). And it just spiraled from there. Now dont get me wrong, I do not, have not, and will not blame my addiction on my Dad who was just doing his best to raise me. Its just the first place I can remember consuming my mind in regards to food.


But on top of that awesome taco place, theres Bill Millers and their amazing sweet tea, Whataburger with those delicious fries, and of course I cant forget my grandmothers cooking. So, as you can tell, temptation runs rampant and my biggest fear is that Im going to eat all the things to the point of killing myself. Hmm. Death by taco, not gonna lie – sounds like a good way to go. I have a feeling though, that the techniques Ive learned and implemented over the past several months will help with that.

Ive been tracking my cravings and watching my portion control and writing down every morsel that gets shoved into my gobhole. I plan to continue this practice during my travels.

So thats my little update. Until next time, Yall can go to hell – Ill be going to Texas!



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