Hello World!

So Im on day 2 of my new diet. I sure hope its the last day 2 I have to deal with because fuck…Im hangry. Also going through PMS moodiness too, so theres that.

So heres what Im doing this go around: Calorie counting! Thats right! Ive done every thing from starving myself(dont do that!), to not eating any carbs(Thank you Dr.Adkins), to only eating carbs. As you can probably guess, that last one didnt work out too well.

Over the years, Ive heard people say ‘Calories In, Calories Out, Thats how you lose weight.’ So now after years of hopping from one fad diet to the next, thats what Im doing, trying to eat less calories than I work off. Fuck me, right? That means I have to exercise. Fun fact about me… I hate exercising. Loathe it, actually. I would rather eat ten cans of lima beans or twenty stalks of celery(the only two foods I hate) than have to get off my fat ass and work at it. The only reasons I would just ‘go for a walk’ is because my car didnt work and I had to go get food. Whoops, I think my spoiled white girl is showing, someone throw some uggs at my head.

So I have two meal replacement shakes for breakfast and lunch (approximately 300 cal each) and then two to three 100 calorie snacks, and a 500-700 calorie dinner. Which – please excuse my poor math skills – is about 1600 calories a day. That means I get to eat/drink 6 times a day.

Im hangry, brain-foggy and tired and definitely feel the sugar withdrawls. I am used to, and dearly miss, eating like shit all day every day.

My compulsions tell me to keep shoving shit in my gob but Im standing strong, for today at least.

I took some progress pictures. Mostly for myself when Im feeling low and thinking that Im failing. But Im open to sharing with you to help hold myself accountable(because I cant let the ENTIRE internet down, right?) So here I am in all my glory…All my fluffy potato glory!



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