Scale of Wonders

To weigh or not to weigh? That is the question.

Today Im going to explain why I weigh myself everyday…yes EVERY single day. I wake up and lift my pretty, sleepy head off the pillow, go to the bathroom to do my business, strip down to my birthday suit, and step on my scale. Its my favorite part of my morning routine.

Now, please bear with me here. I know a lot of people that are like “Oh, but youre so pretty, the scale doesnt define you…blah blah blah.”(see ‘inspirational’ picture below) Duh. Dont you think I know this? Obviously, Im not going to weigh myself one morning to get a text message from my scale saying “Youre so beautiful”, or wake up to find out that Im 100 pounds lighter. Thats not logical. Ok, well maybe the text message thing is a thing. Im not Marty McFly, I dont know the future people!


The scale is just an instrument. I get that, really I do. But the number that pops up every morning gives me a ton of information. And none of that information is cosmetic. Its science people!

My scale shows me if Im on the right track with my diet. It can tell me that even if I am doing well diet wise, that I may be a little bloated and shark week isnt too far off. It shows my patterns and trends. It lets me know that my body may be changing. It holds me accountable, and most importantly it keeps me grounded.

Because on top of taking my weight every morning, I take a mental assessment too. Am I happy?(The answer is usually no, because Im awake and havent had coffee yet) Am I constipated? Do I feel skinny? How does my hair look(Amazing, as usual). These kinds of questions prepare me for my day. Im not discouraged if I see weight gain, because thats information I can use to keep pushing myself forward, or maybe my diet/exercise routine has hit a plateau and I need to step up my game.

Those ‘inspirational’ people are right. The scale doesnt define me, I refuse to let it. But keeping a consistent log of my weight helps me finds patterns that can help me decipher different things about what my body is up to.

I guess its because of my medical background. Im going to school for medical coding and when it comes to my anatomy, I look at it in a medicinal sense. So every day, I get on the scale to see how Im changing, how I feel and where I can improve. Ya know, for science.

The body really is an amazing thing, what are you doing with yours?


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