Cravings Suck

Guh! Cravings are a bitch! And yesterday was the worst! My inner hangry hippo was in full fledge rage mode.

All I wanted was Taco Bell, but my stupid, amazing husband wouldnt let me get some. (God bless him) Instead he took me to the grocery store where we bought healthy veggies, kimchi, some sourdough bread and spinach dip. So instead of cheating on my diet, I had a decent, although fairly high (but still in my range) caloric meal. It wasnt Taco Bell, but it was mighty tasty. As good of food as I had, the portion was probably too much, but I didnt go over my allotted calories for the day, and I would definitely call that a win!

I logged my emotions throughout the evening and it was clear that what I was feeling had an effect on my eating/craving urges. I was in a blah mood with a constant dull headache all day and food was all I could think about. My lady time should be showing up in the next four to five days and I was trying to smother the evil demon bitch that lives inside me from coming out and lashing at anyone who dared cross my path. Being nice can be exhausting.

So, all in all, yesterday was a success regardless of my cravings.This is one of the first times in history that I can remember not giving into the things I wanted to eat. I hated it at the time, but Im grateful today for my choices and the unwavering support of my husband.

This morning my scale said 299.8lbs! Im officially (albeit barely) out of the 300 range and hope to never see that number below me again.

Thats all for now! Ill check back in when I hit the 5lb weight loss mark or I find that I have something really important to say.


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