Happy Holidays!

Hooray! Its almost Christmas! Anyone else excited? Im thrilled, as this is the first time in a few years that the Christmas spirit has finally tinkled on me!

But that means cookies, chocolate, pie, and since Im Italian – Cioppino! Actually, that last one is delicious and fairly low in calories, unless you were to count the wine that flows freely with that meal, but I digress.

So hows my diet going you ask? Good question. Meh. Thats my answer. Im not losing, Im not gaining. So maybe thats a little better than meh. But I guess thats what I get for being that dumbshit that goes on a diet right before the fun gets started.

Ive been sticking to my meal replacement shake for breakfast and sometimes for lunch. Ive been snacking, not entirely on veggies, but on cookies and chocolate. Im proud that I havent eaten those snacks to excess like I have the past…twenty something years. Ill have three or four pieces of candy compared to downing the whole bag until Im sick and hate myself. But the sugar hound in me is still feigning. Most days I go over my allotted calories but its not by much. But Im making better meal choices, chewing slower, and I stop eating when Im full.

So Im going to keep trucking through the year with a sense of decorum. Being from a big Italian/German family, eating is bonding, and laughter is the center of our household. Im not going to deprive myself of the holiday treats that I love so much, but Im not going to go overboard. Because I refuse to let myself be miserable while everyone around me is laughing, drinking, and eating.

So with that being said, I wish you all a Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year. Be safe, hug your family and friends and tell them how much you love them.

Wishing you well





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