Happy New Year

Holy crap! Its 2017! Thank god! I was worried that 2016 would never end. This past year has been full of tears, some happy, and unfortunately, a lot sad. I got married to the man of my dreams and so far I still like him.

But Death was busy this year, not only taking many beloved celebrities, but also two of my Aunts, and a close friend. There were curve balls thrown that I didnt see coming, and somehow we managed to jump those hurdles. Im looking forward to a fresh start and a clean slate.

Now Im not going to give the whole “Its a new year and a new me” bullshit, because thats…well its bullshit. I change constantly, adapt to new scenarios in life, and try to come out at the end not looking like a complete train wreck.

*(Segues are hard)*

I got a fitbit for Xmas and I fell in love with it. Its my new shiny toy and I will love it forever(Thanks Hubby!). From the data gathered over the past week, Ive seen that, even though my heart rate while exercising is a little high for just a brisk walk uphill (158 bpm), my resting heart rate is normal (74 bpm). So my ticker seems to be in ok shape, now for the rest of my body to follow. If only it were that easy.

But I have an army surrounding me, helping me make this change and holding me accountable at every step. One of my best friends (Yes, I have more than one. Deal with it) is a plus size model like yours truly and we have a remarkable bond. We both share the insane and comforting bond with food, we both breathe heavy when we walk faster than a snail, and we both know and understand what its like to be seen and misunderstood by people because of our size. She gets me like no one else has before and Im so thankful for her.

I have several other friends stepping up and giving me encouragement and being my cheerleaders, and for that, I am beyond grateful.

Lets recap shall we? Im getting back to focusing harder on my diet, and Im finishing up with school. I will thrive. Im going to take my CPC exam and crush it, and Im going to be healthy.

This is my year and my resolution is simple: Love myself.

I wish you all the best of luck this year. I hope you find happiness and peace and whatever it is youre looking for.



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